Business Valuations

Amar assists its clients in estimating the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business, by determining the price they are willing to pay or receive for a business. Amar determines the fair value of an asset or company equity by applying the most recognized and applicable valuation methods and approaches.

Business valuations are required for various purposes, such as for the disposal of an equity stake in a company; introduction of a new shareholder/ partner into a company; acquisition of the assets or shares of a potential target; merger or acquisition deals; restructuring analysis; spinoffs; debt financing; initial public offerings; and for other related business needs.

Budgeting & Planning

For a business to grow and survive in today's dynamic environment where profit margins are squeezed and businesses are forced to operate with lower costs, budgeting and forecasting are important financial disciplines for business success. The challenge lies not only in drafting an articulate budget, but also in operating within the constraints of the budget, to generate income. Amar assists its clients in setting-out the financial expectations of the business, and therefore guides in decision-making and in predicting business results.

Real Estate Advisory Services

Amar offers various advisory services to its clients, including: site selection, market analysis, financial feasibility analysis and investment analysis. Our services include: Preliminary Financial Analysis, In-Depth Financial Review, Operations Review, Renovation Strategies, Financial Projections and preparation of feasibility reports

Industry Research and Market Reports

Amar assists its clients in understanding the market size and the competitors, in drafting business plans and in trading, transactional and operational benchmarking.

Amar provides market studies across a wide range of sectors to deliver comprehensive and accurate information. Amar analyzes the market to provide an in-depth analysis of various factors, such as: suppliers, competition, buyers, inventory, margins, regulations, etc.

Other Consulting Services:

Amar provides to its clients other line of services that is subject to prior approval from Kuwait capital markets authority such services include:

1. Equity Capital Markets: Includes Equity Public/Private Placements and Capital increase arrangements

2. Debt Capital Markets: Sukuk Issues and arrangements and providing Islamic Finance Solutions