Working Capital Sharia Compliant Solutions

One of the major constraints to growth for vendors are the terms they have to offer to their buyers. Amar offers Sharia compliant solutions to finance your receivables through Revolving Murabaha transactions, as well as the possibility of treating the financing as off balance sheet funding.

We also offer solutions at the payables side. The short terms offered to you by your suppliers may not match the duration of your receivables, and you often end up with a working capital deficit that requires financing.

Our Supply Chain Finance solution, based on Master Wakala Agreement, allows you to pay cash to your suppliers, possibly negotiate discounts as well as lengthen the term of your payments. It’s a win-win for all participants. What’s better is that your funding would still appear as supplier payables on your balance sheet and not as financing.


Structured Finance and Securitization

We offer tailor made working capital solutions for larger vendors with receivables exceeding KD5 million. For these larger amounts, Amar can securitize your receivables and arrange for a dedicated bank facility to fund your assets.